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Drive Back to Campus in a Hanford Used Toyota

Drive back to campus in style with a used Toyota in Hanford, California

Walk into any Fresno-area Walmart in mid-August, and you're quickly reminded that it's Back to School season. That means packing up and heading back to campus, whether it's to Fresno State, Fresno City College, or Brandman University.

There's only one problem: you're going to need a new ride to get there. Let Freeway Toyota find you the perfect back-to-school used car that won't cost you all that hard-earned cash you earned during the summer.

Used Toyota Camry dealer near Fresno CA 

No, your eyes…

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NYC Taxi Drivers Help Toyota's Ever-Better Expedition

What would you do if Toyota's Ever-Better Expedition came to Hanford, California?

Could there be a better test of a vehicle's dependability than as a New York City taxi?

Toyota's Ever-Better Expedition, a 110-day, 16,500-mile road trip across North America with 140 Toyota engineers and team members, recently landed in the Big Apple to test Toyota cars in real-life settings while collecting helpful feedback from actual Toyota owners in order to improve future vehicles. 

Toyota Prius V dealer near Frenso CA

Toyota taxi drivers are the ideal...

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2016 Toyota Tacoma to feature standard GoPro mount

Record your off-road adventures in Hanford, Californiaa with the 2016 Toyota Tacoma & GoPro

In the truck's first redesign in more than 10 years, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma will be the first vehicle ever sold with a GoPro camera mount as a standard feature (mounted to the rearview mirror). 

"These true off-roaders are out there, and they all have GoPros on their trucks," said Michael Sweers, Tacoma's chief engineer and a GoPro camera owner. "Whether they're fishing, off-roading, camping and so on, they're all recording their adventures." 

New Toyota Tacoma dealer near Fresno CA

As it turns out, Tacoma owners...
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Toyota Remains Most Valuable Car Brand

Toyota -- The World's No.1 Most Valuable Car Brand -- lives in Hanford, California

We are the champions...again! Toyota Motor has earned the title of No. 1 most valuable car brand for the second straight year, and for eight of the 10 years the study has been conducted.

"When you look at the trust the Toyota brand generates from car owners, there is little dent from the airbag issues," Peter Walshe, Global BrandZ director at Millward Brown, told Automotive News Europe. "The customer experience, the good value, and the quality that customers trust see the brand through."

Come test drive one of the Toyota vehicles that make up the most valuable car brand in the world at Freeway Toyota serving Fresno CA

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Toyota's Fuel Cell Vehicle Could be a Turning Point for the Auto Industry

Scientists everywhere are looking for an alternative to fossil fuel, and the people at Toyota are right there with them. They have been working on a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for quite some time and their goal is to get it on the road and into the hands of drivers everywhere in 2015.

In the video below, you can hear a little more about why this vehicle is so important to Toyota, and why the development of more car like this one is important for all of us.

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All Eyes on the Redesigned 2015 Toyota Camry

<p>Whether you've owned one in the past or are looking to get one for the first time, there's no denying that the newest iteration of the <b><a href="/models/toyota-camry-hanford.htm">Toyota Camry</a></b> is truly a sedan to crave! Redesigned outside for a more sporty and aggressive look, and reorganized inside for comfort and ease of use, you'll even find cutting-edge technologies like the available wireless smartphone charger…
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Toyota Makes Hydrogen Fuel From... What!?

Getting the most from the environment is what the green movement is all about, and the upcoming 2016 Toyota Mirai aims to gain it's energy from a very unexpected source. The end product is hydrogen which is used to power its motor but where does the hydrogen come from?

In comes, in fact, from cow manure. Interesting and a little gross, we know.

But, the automaker explains, that after it goes through a several-step…

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You can Trust Us to Service Your Toyota

Once you purchase your Toyota, it's easy to forget that you have also purchased a machine with how fun these cars are! Your Toyota will quickly become your go-to when you need to get through your daily life, and that's the Toyota promise: efficiency, capability, and reliability. To keep your Toyota running strong make sure to take your Toyota to your local dealership, or as we like to call them: Your local Toyota…
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